Roter Fadenオリジナル虫よけスプレー① (アルコールベース)

アルコール(80度以上) ··················· 47ml

ニームオイル ································ 2ml

精油 ········································· 0.5ml-1ml(ゼラニウム、ユーカリ、レモングラス、ミント、ラベンダー、スギ)




(例1)Neal’s Yard Remedy (NYR) Natural News (31 May, 2012)

In one volunteers spent all night in the open with skin exposed to entice mosquitoes to bite. Half were covered with a mixture of coconut oil and a 2% concentration of neem oil. The other half were covered in coconut oil alone.

Other volunteers, protected by netting, stayed up with a vacuum gun collecting the mosquitoes on each of the volunteers could be collected as they landed and counted in the morning.

Those who were covered with the coconut oil and neem lotion were completely free of mosquito bites while the control group was subject to several hundred bites.

Another study of the neem/coconut oil mix also found it provided 96-100% protection against several different species of mosquito.